The British Columbia Alpine Photography Workshop at Boulder Hut

17-19 august 2018

Nestled at tree line (2,000m, 6,500’) with soaring peaks overhead, the Boulder Hut offers a spectacular sub alpine landscape with the opportunity to ascend to higher elevations. It is home to striking vistas, a clear night sky, wildflowers, fall colours, alpine lakes and diverse wildlife.

The BC Alpine Photography Photo Workshop at Boulder Hut features instruction by two noted local photographers and adventurers, Lyle Grisedale and Pat Bates. They will provide instruction in photo composition, the use of light, camera techniques, and photo editing tips using Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik software.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore both colour and black and white photography. Given clear skies, Lyle and Pat will also give instruction in photographing the night sky.

All levels of photographers are welcome.

alpine lake-Grisdale.jpg

Comfortable accommodations and expert instruction

The workshop experience includes a helicopter flight into and out of Boulder Hut from Kimberley Alpine Resort, three healthy meals per day prepared by the lodge’s professional cooking staff, comfortable accommodations at Boulder Hut, excellent camaraderie and, of course, expert instruction.

Workshops participants should come equipped with hiking gear, a camera equipment backpack and appropriate outdoor clothing. Minimum group size 7, maximum 10.



Day 1

  • Morning helicopter flight from Kimberley Alpine Resort to Boulder Hut
  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Instructors learn participants’ goals and objectives and expectations
  • Shooting in the field
  • Photo editing
  • Instructional slide shows and videos

Day 2 & 3 Field Sessions

  • Early morning shoot. Blue hour and early light. Sunrise
  • Mid day with emphasis on B&W images during high contrast light
  • Mid day digital photo editing using Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Afternoon and evening shoot. Late afternoon light and the Golden Hour- Sunset 
  • Night photography. Stars and Milky Way.
  • Late afternoon Day 3, helicopter flight from lodge to Kimberley Alpine Resort

Instruction in the field

During shooting sessions participants will be instructed in:

  • Composition
  • Managing camera controls
  • HDR in difficult light
  • Creating Panoramas
  • Using the light
  •  Night photography, stars and Milky way

Instruction at the lodge

  • Slide show on composition
  • Photo editing and software
  • Critique and discussion of images created during the day


Includes helicopter access to Boulder Hut, instruction, food and accommodations $1,750 pp + GST.



Lyle Grisedale

Lead instructor Lyle Grisedale is an ACMG guide, mountain traveller, and nature photographer. He spends his summer guiding hikers in the high alpine of the world famous Bugaboo area. He has conducted many photo workshops for his hiking clients in this alpine environment. He has also assisted noted wildlife photographer John Marriott for the past six years on his Bugaboos photography workshops. He has a good eye for both landscape and wildlife photography. You can view his work at and at @lyle.grisedale on Instagram.

Pat Bates

Photos by Pat Bates have appeared in product catalogs, calendars, newsletters, and reports; have been used extensively in the North American and European ski and tourism industries; and have been featured in and on the covers of many top North American magazines. He is an accomplished professional photographer and adventurer and has been shooting the natural world in all its diversity for more than 30 years. You may view his work at and at @patrickhbates on Instagram.

Photos by Lyle Grisedale