We're open!

Thanks to our hard working opening crew, Boulder Hut is fully ready for the 2018 ski season!

Great job Brittan, Alli, Shirley, Serge, Ben, EJ, Justin, Brett, Eric, Kris and of course the Yancey family. Lots of snow. (And we did fit in a bit of touring too.)

We kick off the season with an AST2 course this week.

Ski Canada Magazine features Boulder Hut

by Andrew Findlay with photos by Steve Ogle

by Andrew Findlay with photos by Steve Ogle

"It was as though my worst nightmare and best dream were set for a parlay in the mountains. I was going to be trapped with a pack of millennial Instagrammer influencers for three days, but in a backcountry ski lodge set in a remote valley of the Southeastern Purcell Mountains that had captured my attention since I started thinking about backcountry skiing. The dream, however, trumps the nightmare. If you were to search for ground zero for the proliferation of commercial backcountry lodges in B.C. you could do no better than Boulder Hut." Read more >

Boulder Hut Adventures named one of the best!

Getting to Boulder Hut Adventures.jpg

Boulder Hut Adventures has just been recognized with a Platinum Award in the Recreational Tour Company category of Kootenay Business’ Best of Business Awards for 2017.

From the article in Kootenay Business . . .

"For the last 11 years, Mark and Sarah Yancey have been welcoming and guiding guests through the area and offering a down-to-earth, no-frills backcountry skiing experience.

Mark discussed what inspired him to create Boulder Hut Adventures and what is changing within the skiing tourism industry.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I love to play guitar. If I could rewrite my personal history, I would travel the world making music! I have been playing since I was 12 years old. I enjoy playing at the lodge for our guests at our variety show held on the last night of the guests stay.

How has your business evolved over time?

Technology has definitely evolved the sport. Years before us, our business began with hard-core backcountry enthusiasts willing to travel for a day on skinny wooden telemark skis with leather boots and giant backpacks just to get to a rustic lodge. Client expectation focused more on a wilderness experience than luxury accommodation and extreme skiing. Due to the evolution of the gear and probably social media, too, backcountry skiing is now becoming a sport that is accessible to anyone who enjoys the mountain lifestyle. Obviously, a growing sport is exciting for me as I love the opportunity to meet people from around the world. People visit British Columbia to enjoy the magnificent mountains and hospitality we have here."

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