Latest snow conditions

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Snowpack Summary

20-30 cm of low-density snow typically overlies a well-settled mid and lower snowpack. Surface hoar and near-surface facets may be mingled with a few cm dry new snow. Wind slabs may be found on slopes lee to the SW. Between 40 and 100 cm below the surface you'll probably find a weak layer which was buried in early December. Between 1400 m and 1800 m, this layer consists primarily of large surface hoar. At higher elevations, this layer consists of a sun crust, facets, and/or small surface hoar. This layer is still reactive in some snowpack tests and has produced at least one human-triggered avalanche in the last week. The layer is creating a low probability, high consequence type of problem, especially in the north of the region. Below this layer, the snowpack is thought to be generally strong and well-settled.

Weather Forecast

A few centimetres of snow are expected on Monday, before a shift to a cool, dry spell. Expect light northerly winds and a mix of sun and cloud on Tuesday and Wednesday.For more details check out

Valid until 29 December 2015 at 1 am

Mark Yancey