We take great pride in having owned and operated the Boulder Hut for more than 10 years.

We strongly believe . . . 

In maintaining our old school roots while staying current to the interest in more aggressive backcountry skiing, ski touring and splitboarding.  For the purist at heart, we offer a down-to-earth, no frills, backcountry skiing experience.

We are caretakers of a long-standing tradition at Boulder Creek in the Purcells. We have instilled in our kids, Grace and Alden, the ethics of stewardship, a passion for places wild, and a love of adventure. We are a family that embraces the same desire – to share this incredible backcountry experience with others.

With friends and the extended family of backcountry skiing enthusiasts, we are painstakingly re-crafting the Boulder Hut to preserve its historic role in British Columbia’s rich history of backcountry ski touring lodges. We keep the tradition of mountain huts by choice.

Boulder Hut is a living, growing piece of the ski community, near the town of Kimberley in the Purcell Mountains of Southeast British Columbia. Here, we make our home every winter and welcome our backcountry skiing guests as family.

The Boulder Hut and its surroundings are loaded with such unique and honest character that it can’t help but etch a permanent place in the hearts of those lucky enough to experience it! Thank you!
— Julie-Anne Davies, Kimberley, BC