Historic cabin high in the powder filled Purcell Mountains of British Columbia beckons backcountry skiers and snowboarders for a week of pure bliss.

The Danish word 'hygge' does not have an English equivalent, but can loosely be translated as "coziness."

We are deep in the heart of what so far has been a storm-filled, colder than usual, winter. No better way to enjoy the cold season than a hut trip with friends. The recipe we were seeking called for a large family style wooden table, tons of shared stories, historic hand built log cabin, hearty meals, wood fire snuggles, and backcountry powder turns. Boulder Hut Adventures, is the perfect place to escape your everyday pace, taking pleasure from simple, gentle and soothing times. 

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 "Add Boulder Hut to your To Do list"

 We were visited and reviewed by the highly respected crew from Backcountry Skiing Canada last season. If you are considering booking a trip to Boulder Hut, we suggest you read this review.

Here's their verdict:

"Add Boulder Hut Adventures to your To Do list. At 15K acres, their tenure offers up more skiing than you can tackle in a month. The snow was best toward the second half of the trip which allowed us to ski powder and experience some of the treed terrain. The high pressure system sent us up high where we tested our mountaineering skills and enjoyed mind-blowing views. A very well rounded week.

"I really liked the family feel. It’s not like you have little ones crawling all over you at any time—the kids are all respectful and give guests plenty of space (and I am speaking from the guided/catered program participant standpoint). For me, it was a treat to have the kids come out for a tour one day (on our invitation).

"The history of the place also contributes to the experience. It’s like, as a guest, you are participating in something with a strong, well-established (yet wild) foundation. Some of our fellow guests had been to Boulder Hut well over ten times. This feeling of being part of a legacy (as well as a bunch of other stuff) may have been part of what brings them back."

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Words and photos by Abby Cooper

Rotors whirling, the beast of a helicopter kicks up loose snow as we crouch around it, bracing our bags in place as we begin to mentally unwind for a week of backcountry bliss. It’s a surreal experience taking a helicopter into a backcountry lodge, but the real experience starts when the quiet begins. As the machine flies out of sight, I expel the last of my real-life stress and inhale that crisp mountain air, admiring the terrain. Life is about skiing now. That’s it.

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In general, the terrain was different than what one would experience closer to home here in Nelson; at, say, Powder Creek Lodge, Ice Creek Lodge or Mount Carlyle Lodge. Being closer to the Rockies in the Southern Purcells, Boulder Hut terrain seems to be a little “rockier,” and features the kind of big dramatic peaks one sees east, beyond the Purcells.
— Backcountry Skiing Canada